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geetings; c: ♥
This one's true name is confidential. There are other names you may call me, but Vou is preferred. It is the name I've used for many years now. So much, in fact, it is tattooed on my upper arm with my fursona on the side. Yes, I am a furry. But, I'm not like that. My beloved is a gamer and adores me for my faults and values that I bring to our life.

One of my favorite New Year's Eve was one spent roleplaying. It was the first night I had ever spent on the computer and I was elated. I do it easily now, but I wish I had the free time to do just that; roleplay. I prefer table-top gaming now, specifically the one called Exalted. A lot of my pixel art is based on my beloved Solar and Lunar. They're two separate beings, but each have a little bit of my soul and heart in them. Arren is my Solar and is a fiery sorceress. She's powerful and very compassionate; it is her weakness, too.

I could write paragraph after paragraph telling you all about her. But, I won't. This is about me. Not Arren. [I'll write her biography some other day].

Oh yes. Basic information. . . I'm twenty-three years. My twenty-fourth birthday will arrive on July 2, 2014. I'm amazed that it has already been that long in my life. If you're a teenager, please enjoy it. Growing up too fast isn't as amazing as it is claimed to be. I remember turning sixteen as if it were yesterday. . . it took forever, but ever since that particular year, my life has gone by fast. It's rather insane. . .

Anyways, I'm done ranting like an old person. I currently go to cosmetology school full-time. I am an STNA full-time, too. It's nice to have flexible hours, but the last couple weekends, I've had off. Hence being 6AM and I'm writing this 'about me' page that I've put off for months.

That's enough basic information... there's a simpler page with all of that information. Or is there? -hinthint- My heart loves all, regardless of gender. I hope you get that. But, I am claimed by a Backlash. He's the yin to my yang. My mayo to my peanut butter. Oh yes. I adore him so much that I get physically ill at the thought of losing him. I believe that no matter your age, you can find the one. Just remember that the trials and tribulations you face together will be tough, but so long as your feelings and intentions are virtuous, everything will work out. It always does. Life would not be worth living if everything we did was easy. The struggle makes the end reward so much sweeter.

To go into another topic, I enjoy anime and manga. Mostly manga, however. I write and read a lot of SessKag fanfiction. It's a pairing that grew on me a few years ago and ever since then, I've gotten annoyed at the idea of Kagome and Inuyasha together. Lord Fluffy and the Future Girl work so much better, ne? c; But, that's not to say I don't enjoy an occasional fic of that pairing. It simply depends. I always end up pairing either Rin or Sango with Inuyasha. It gets boring if he's always with Kikyo. D:

Moving on -- Kuroshitsuji, InuYasha, Gravitation, Trinity Blood, Samurai X/ Rurouni Kenshin, Princess Tutu, Gundam Seed, Wolf's Rain, D.N.Angel, Chobits, Loveless, Naruto and many others are amongst the manga/anime that I so enjoy. The ones named are particularly my favorite. c:

There isn't much else to say. PM me if you'd like to know more?

- Vou
The last time I wrote it was for a somber reason...
I know not why I keep to this fact, but once more it is distressing news...
My darling Skyla (RIP 3.11.13) was joined by her baby sister, Lexi Lu, on September 3, 2013.
My heart grieves for the loss of the both of them.
Lexi's decline was in conjunction with the loss of her sister...
The day after Skyla's death, she mourned for three days...
I nearly thought that I was going to lose her that soon.
She bounced back within a couple weeks, but then her eating habits changed.
It hurt for her to eat dog food.
So, a switch to soft food was made.
Her hips were getting worst and the reality of how much pain she was in was made clear.
She got away from my dad and he was able to catch her...
The wild wolf that is my sweetest Lexi, my other best friend, was done.

So, rest in peace my dear and run with your sister and other litter mates as your ancestors once did in untouched human lands.

Until death releases me.... 


  • Mood: Agony
  • Listening to: Enya - Amarantine
  • Drinking: coffeeee.

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